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Program Committee

Andreas Melzer
ICCAS, Leipzig (Germany)
Matthias Matzko
HELIOS Amper Klinikum Dachau (Germany)

Wladyslaw Gedroyc | Imperial College London (UK)
Alessandro Napoli | Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)

Technical Support

Peter Medina & Pamela Schwartz | InSightec
Thomas Andreae | Philips
Anja Kleber | Theraclion (France)

Supporting Organizations

Department of Radiology of University Hospital Leipzig (Director Thomas Kahn)

Fraunhofer IBMT Sulzbach Germany (Steffen Tretbar and Marc Fornelle)

Preconference Workshop supported by BMBF project SONO-RAY (Doudou Xu and Lisa Landgraf)

Other Supporters

Thomas Kahn | University Hospital Leipzig (Germany)

Local Organizing Committee

Christine Melzer | EUFUS e.V.
Kristin Dönitz | akd congress & events
Thomas Kahn, MD | University Hospital Leipzig
Anika Schreyer | ICCAS, Leipzig University

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